At Ballinger we try to provide a safe environment for training to take place so All our coaches are ECB qualified to level 1 or above, all have been CRB checked and all our coaches are members of the ECB Coaches Association.

Roger Webster Sets Out Plan For 2015

First of all congratulations to an excellent season where you played well, improved and help put Ballinger and Girls cricket on the Buckinghamshire cricket map.

I thought you might find it helpful and informative if I outline where we think Ballinger Girls Cricket is going to be progressing to. I hope this will answer any queries you may have had and also reassure you that we intend to continue on the road of providing cricketing opportunities for all our players. 

  • After the October half term through to Easter there will be Ballinger Girls nets every other Wednesday evening at The Misbourne School
  • Next season Ballinger Girls A team will become the Ballinger Girls U14s and play in the U12 league Div 2, ie the same teams we played this season. This will be a similar squad as 2014 squad but is likely to include some new girls that have just started or are about to start at Ballinger. Some girls from this team will also be integral squad members of U13 boys team to give you regular more challenging cricket. (not just being called upon when they are short)
  • Ballinger Girls B team will become Ballinger Girls U13s and will continue to play in U11 league Div 4 (11 aside)as this season.
  • A new team will be formed either U12 or U11 and this will play in U10 league(hard ball pairs)
  • Looking further ahead to 2016, we have a massive number of players who I am hopeful will form the nucleus of a womens team when they are eligible as U14s. It is hoped that some sporty mums will want to join their daughters and transfer their prowess in hockey, tennis or any other sport into becoming cricketers. There will be special training sessions for this integration.

If you have any comments, questions or anything to add to the above, please fire away.

Also if there is anyone else who would be interested in helping out on the coaching side ( we will find you an appropriate course for you) or on the admin side for one of the new teams please let me know and we can get that organised. 

Pairs Score Sheet

Score Sheet



U6 (Y1) - U12 ( Y7)

Saturday 10.00am - 12.15pm


U13 (Y8) U14(Y9) 

Tuesday 6.00pm - 8.00pm


U15(Y10) - U17(Y12)

Friday 6.00pm - 8.00pm


Girls Only

Wednesday 5.00pm - 6.30pm


Ballinger Green
Bucks. HP16 9LF